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Austin Fit - Profile - Kevin Heady

Imagine a love that tickles at the heart for years, refusing to be lost to the world of youthful fantasy or frivolous hobby. Hands that once experienced the joy of invention and the rewards of creativity are difficult to train to be happy with other pursuits, and most people who try never fully manage to leave their original passion behind. Kevin Heady, one of the city’s many talented jewelry designers, gave up success at something “normal” to return to the place he belonged; needless to say, the results have been good for him and great for Austin’s jewelry scene.

Heady began his artistic endeavors more than 25 years ago by stringing Guatemalan beads while in high school. Igniting the artistic flame, this led to a precocious enrollment in metal smith classes at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, where Heady required adult supervision to develop his talent. He continued to dabble in various methods of design through college, though never making art his designated course of study. Nonetheless, he ended up seeing his hand-fabricated and cast pieces put on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art as well as his alma mater of sorts, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Duty and expectation soon intervened, however, and Heady spent the next 10 years in the field of real estate. Today, he calls his proudest accomplishment, “being able to leave a very lucrative career…in order to pursue a dream in the fashion world” and loves seeing the creations from his two lines of jewelry “come to life” when they’re worn by satisfied clients. He describes his style as “modern and elegant with a focus on color,” perfect for fashion-forward, active individuals seeking necklaces, bracelets and earrings both for regular wear and special occasions.

Heady also finds rewards in giving back to the community, often donating pieces and participating in a variety of charitable events. A few years ago he trained for and completed a 400-mile bike trek from Montreal to Maine for the AIDS Vaccine Ride. Not only did the visual splendor of Vermont’s mountains inspire his later work, but the experience of making it through an intense personal challenge gave him a better idea of his own strength and power. This vitality is clearly seen in his jewelry, which consistently illustrates that going back to a first love is often a beautiful thing.

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